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Hello and welcome to Auto Locksmith USA, the hub for all residential, business and automobile locksmiths in America.


My name is Sam and I’ve been a qualified locksmith for 15 years. My address and number is on the sidebar if you would like personal assistance. I made this site to inform people of all the options available should you require the services of my trade, and unfortunately, I’m sure you will at some stage. I hope you find this site helpful and when the time arises you will be well prepared on what to do.

On this site you will learn all there is to know about locksmiths with particular emphasis on the auto locksmith. What is a locksmith, the history of locksmiths, what locksmiths do, and lot’s of other useful information pertaining to this great trade!

We also operate as a locksmith directory for all the best home, business, and auto locksmiths in America. If you’re looking for the services of a locksmith in your area, just check our directory to find information, services offered and businesses operating in your area. Here you will find the best of the best locksmith businesses, a breakdown on what they offer, and their contact information so you can find them easily and get in touch.

Discover the artful trade of auto locksmiths and all the services they offer, by exploring our site thoroughly.

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