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Using Locksmith Tools – Essential Equipment Used by Locksmiths

The most frequently asked questions by new locksmiths and clients alike have used all types of locksmith tools for the job. It is difficult to have one answer for all of them but indeed, there are locksmith tools that a professional just has to get if they are starting out. In as much as there are tools needed by any locksmith out there, there also exist accessories that become favorites after a couple of years of working with them. Anyone who would like to try out the trade therefore has to work for a while and wait to be drawn to their favorites.

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Basic Locksmith Tools

There is always more than one way to get a job done and more than one tool to go with. Whether one is a residential or specializes in auto locksmith services, below is a rundown of the tools all locksmith’s will need to strap on.

Basic Used LocksmithTools


A Scope

A hand-held scope is vital for the kind of work done by those in this trade. Working in tight spaces and handling tiny parts is very much a part of the job. Having a scope helps the user get tiny adjustments right. The type that carries their work home would be found with a few in the shop and at least one in the truck of the car.


Scopes have had some advancement added to them; like LED lights to provide extra light for those tough-to-see areas. A scope that any locksmith would enjoy having is the 3-in-1 variety. It is quite affordable and is well built, coming in with lots of versatility. A scope is one of the essential auto locksmith tools.


Installation Templates

These find their use when the professional wants to install a new lock system. They are essential in getting the holes for the lock drilled right, providing very little room for guesswork. Installation templates also help the locksmith to come off as someone who knows what they are doing since they improve on precision in addition to saving valuable time. The accessories also reduce the eventuality of damage on the client’s vehicle or property.


Lock Pick Guns

lock pick guns get the job done faster than manual picking would and are safe for the lock as long as they are held by trained hands.


These guns have continued to improve since the discovery of the manual lock pick design that has been the locksmith’s companion for years. Newer lock pick guns have advancements that include externally powered electronic parts. Manually picking a lock can take ages even for a trained professional. The time-saving aspect, therefore, is what has endeared the lock pick gun to the professionals who use it on a daily basis. Companies in this field have a variety of good lock pick guns you could choose from and also have specific guns for the auto locksmith.


Key Extractors

The purpose of these tools is as simple and straightforward as removing broken key pieces from a lock’s key slot. It gets really frustrating trying to get a jammed key out of a lock without this kind of equipment. Foreign objects stuck inside the key slot can also be removed by one of these. Sometimes it’s a child playing with the lock that inserted a wire in there-or a robber trying to force their way in. In such kinds of scenarios, the key extractor comes in handy. It is among the items in the locksmith’s toolbox that allow more work to be done on broken hardware.


Tension Wrenches

It is possible for the locksmith to pick locks without this device but it will be more difficult and as a result take longer. The tension wrench helps a career professional build upon the progress made in various stages of the picking process. This takes a lot of pressure off them because they are able to work without worrying too much about steadying themselves or starting over again.


The device stops any unwanted movement or rotation by applying force on a special plug. It moves the plug in similar fashion to the key once all the pins have been clicked into place.

Professionals in this niche are always looking for new ways of making their work easier. Technology has done its fair share, offering options to individuals across the board, from those who open safes to those whose specialty lies with car locks. The choice of the right locksmith tools for the trade depends wholly on personal preferences and prevailing trends.


Full List of Used Locksmith Tools

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Simple Locksmith Tools Videos

Watch the video above to learn about all the main tools used in typical locksmith services.


In this video, an expert locksmith demonstrates his craft using his favorite locksmith tools.


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